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Universal Rubber Mfg Team
Hugo Van Dyck CEO 02 257 18 72
Universal Rubber Mfg Team
Kris De Paepe Operations manager Technical advisor 02 257 18 74
Universal Rubber Mfg Team
Sabine Behets Purchase manager Account manager 02 257 18 72
Universal Rubber Mfg Team
Thierry Aerts Sales manager Quality administrator 02 257 18 77
Universal Rubber Mfg Team
Greet Van den Berghe Purchaser Administration 02 257 18 70
Universal Rubber Mfg Team
Sandhya Singh Sales Marketing development 02 251 49 08
Universal Rubber Mfg Team
Kim Anno Internal sales & logistics 02 257 18 75
Universal Rubber Mfg Team
Paul Verbelen Product designer Quality controller 02 251 49 08