Traffic cones

Rubber cones

Rubber traffic cones
Product Description

This unique product was developed by URM. We have 2 standard types namely medium and large. Medium has a height of 30 cm, the large version is 50 cm. For better visibility, we can provide the medium cone with 1 colored stripe, the large with 2 colored stripes. These stripes cannot be removed afterwards. Our basic colors of the cone are white, yellow, green, blue, orange, red and black. Stripes can be applied in blue, yellow, red, white and black color. These cones are packed as standard in boxes of 10 pieces. This is therefore the minimum order quantity.

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More information

Produced from an high quality EPDM with a standard hardness of 60 Shore A. These cones are not only soft and flexible but also very durable. Because of its enormous resilience, you do not have to fear that after complete compression, the cone will return to its original shape. One can almost say that the cones are unbreakable. This is the biggest advantage over the plastic cones. Our cones are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. They are excellent weather resistant and a special color pigment guarantees the color stability up to 5 years.

Industry use

Precisely because of the resilience they are a good choice for use in transportation such as in car driving schools, test circuits, race tracks and parking places. After collision the risk of damage to a vehicle is significantly reduced. We do not recommend use on public roads because the cones do not meet the standard EN13422. Gyms, sports and football clubs also use our cones. Because of its softness and flexibility, the chance of injuries is greatly reduced if someone falls on the cone. This is in contrast to plastic cones.

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