Window seals

windshield and glazing gaskets

rubber window seal extrusion profile
Product Description

Window seals are used for fixing windows or windshields and provide a good seal between glass and metal sheet. They are mainly manufactured from EPDM rubber. Even under the most extreme conditions, doors and windows require an absolutely hermetic seal and therefore need to have a high resistance to shear effects . We have a wide range of standard profiles but without any problem, we can create the profile according to your drawing .

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More information

Depending on the series size, we determine the most suitable way to extrude the rubber profile. After the vulcanization of the profile we make a precision radial or rectangular shaped moulded corner with a clean transition between the rubber profiles. We can supply small quantities or continuous high volume products,

Industry use

Rubber window frames can be found in a number of different applications from car and caravan or motorhome windows, house windows and pretty much any other application that has a windows. a large part of our customers can be found in the manufacturing of agricultural machines, construction equipment and public transport vehicles.

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