Rubber nozzle adaptors

Rubber adaptors to be used in combination with a pressure gun.

Rubber nozzle adaptors for maintenance
Product Description

Our latest tool for use during the maintenance of hydraulic and other industrial equipment. Visit the official Plugtite website for more info.

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More information

By using the nozzle adaptor in conjunction with an air gun it prevents splash-back of any oils, chemicals, liquids, or other debris from the channel /tube/pipe whilst cleaning under high pressure, thereby protecting both the user and the environment in and around the equipment from contamination, and, at the same time ensures that all
the air pressure is directed into the channel ensuring a stronger pressure for improved performance.

Available in Small (5.8mm – 30.2mm) – Large (14mm – 46mm).

Industry use

Any type of industry where tubing needs to be maintained by applying high pressure.

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