Rubber boots and bellows

A flexible rubber part to seal out dust

Rubber bellows
Product Description

Rubber convoluted boots and rubber bellows can protect and cover different types of motion in a manufactury line from dust, water, smoke and chemicals. URM manufactures boots and bellows in any shape and size.

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More information

Molded bellows and boots are versatile seals used in a wide range of applications to seal dust and other environmental elements in applications with a stroke or designed range of motion.. Each of these methods has certain attributes that would be relevant based on the criteria of the application. Bellows and boots produced in this manner can be made from a variety of materials, colors, and durometers. In addition, this process allows for a part with varying wall thicknesses, and other configurations not found in the other styles.

Industry use

Rubber bellows and boots can be used in a variety of industries ranging from power generation, gas, water, automotive, electronics, construction, food and cooling. Common applications range from cooling water systems, condensers, gas lines, water pipelines and piping.

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