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Rubber sheets
Product Description

We can offer you a wide range of rubber sheets. From general purpose rubber sheets material to non-standard requested by the customer. The structure of this material is rolls, strips, mats or even plates. It is standard available in CR, EPDM, NR (pararubber), SBR and NBR. But also superior qualities such as VMQ (silicone) or FKM (viton) are a possibility. Different layers of textile reinforcement with Nylon or Polyester can be applied depending on the thickness of the rubber sheet.

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More information

The shaped surface texture of our patterned rubber floorings ensures safe walking in warehouses, public places, handling areas etc. Depending on the application we offer our customers different surface structures. Rubber sheets in rolls with dimensions up to 1400 mm width and 20 meters in length and with a thickness up to 10 mm. Our wide range of available plates allows us to meet all the technical requirements of the customer. Standard dimensions of the plates are 1000x1000mm and thickness up to 40mm.

Industry use

The rubber sheets we offer meet the commercial and industrial grade specifications, pharmaceutical grade or food grade and other specifications required by our customers. Rubber sheets are used in many areas like construction, engineering, railways, automotive, aeronautics, marine etc. For railways applications or public transportation where fire protection is required, we can supply in accordance with EN 45545-2 or NF F16101.

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