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Rubber bellows
Product Description

Most of our rubber bellows are cylindrical , but are also available in cone or rectangular shapes. The typical outline of the bellow ensures that they are easily compressible and stretchable. These are used to cover and protect various machine parts such as pistons, shafts, screws, spindles or pistons from dust, dirt, UV rays, humidity, chemicals or oill sprays and other contaminants. All bellows are moulded and available in different sizes as well as hardness or colors in order to meet any specifications requested by the customer.

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More information

Our experienced team of engineers is able develop and produce perfectly finished sleeves to suit any specific industrial application. In contact with oil or grease and moderately resistant to weather conditions, we recommend our Nitrile or Chloroprene bellows. However, when used outside (irradiated by the sunlight) and in little contact with oils, the excellent choice is EPDM. Or for special purposes such as food or high temperature range, we can offer silicone bellows in different colors and hardness. FPM (Viton) is a solution if extreme chemical resistance is required.

Industry use

A rubber bellow is a flexible joint that can absorb movements in axial, lateral or angular directions. Bellows are widely used in Automotive but also find applications in other areas of industries such as agriculture, chemical, electronics (robotics), food processing and misc. manufacturing.

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